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CSI specification page CSI specification page

Section 068300 Composite Paneling

Part 1 - General
1.01       Summary
A.   Section Includes: Paneling materials to create sculptured wall surface.
1.    RAVAdesign , pattern Insert Pattern Name

1.02       References
A.   Abbreviations and Acronyms:
1.    ANSI: American National Standards Institute
2.    ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
3.    CPA: Composite Panel Association
4.    LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
5.    MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard
6.    USGBC: US Green Building Council
7.    SFI: Sustainable Forestry Initiative

1.03       Submittals
A.   General: Submit the following in accordance with conditions of contract and Division 1 specification section 01 33 00 “Submittal Procedures”.
B.    Product data and detailed specifications for each system component and installation accessory required, including installation methods.
C.   Shop drawings showing locations, seam locations, pattern orientation, installation method, corner conditions and installation details of panel products.
D.    Samples for verification purposes: Submit the following samples, as proposed for this work, for verification of color, texture, pattern and thickness:
E.    Product test reports from a qualified independent testing laboratory showing compliance of each component with requirements indicated.
F.    Maintenance data for wall system components for inclusion in the operating and maintenance manuals specified in Division 1.

1.04      Quality Assurance
A.   Installer qualifications: Engage an installer who has no less than 3 years experience in installation of panels similar in complexity to those required for this project.
B.   Product quality standard. Quality grade to be premium.
C.   Code compliance: Assemblies should conform to all applicable codes including IBC, UBC, SBCCI, BOCA and Life Safety.
D.   Fire performance characteristics: Provide wall panels fabricated from fire rated materials tested in accordance with ASTM-E84 (CAN/ULC S102.2) for Class 1 characteristics listed below:
1.    Flame spread 25 or less Smoke developed: 150 or less
1.05      Delivery, Storage and Handling
A.   Immediately upon delivery, contractor must open crate and inspect goods prior to signing the bill of lading. This must occur regardless of any visible signs of external damage to the crating material. Freight Damage is not the responsibility of RAVAdesign LLC. If damage is found, contractor must sign for the freight as damaged and the driver must acknowledge that the contractor is signing for damaged freight. It is the responsibility of the contractor to file any and all freight claims resulting from this process. RAVAdesign LLC has no liability after the goods are shipped from Seller’s address.   Store materials in original, undamaged packaging in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight and exposure to the elements. A room temperature of 40-100ºF (4-38ºC) should be maintained.
B.   Materials must be stored flat.

1.06      Project Conditions
A.   HVAC: Operate HVAC system to maintain occupancy level temperature and relative humidity conditions (25-55 percent) in the area of installation from 48 hours prior to delivery of panels to the installation area through remainder of construction period.
B.   Materials must be acclimated in an environment of 65-75ºF (18-24ºC) with maintained relative humidity levels of 25-55% for at least 48 hours prior to beginning the installation.
C.   Lighting: Permanent project lighting, including any special lighting used to highlight the panels, must be operational during installation.

Part 2 - Products
2.01      Manufacturers
A.   Interior wall panel product specified shall be manufactured by:

RAVAdesign LLC
11828 Coakley Circle
Rockville MD 20852


2.02      Materials
A.   Wall Panels to be pattern (Insert Pattern Name & height x width x thickness” :
B.   Core Material (MDF, Fire-Rated MDF,)
2.03      Installation Components: Horizontal/Vertical
A.   Zclip
B.   Construction Adhesive
C.   Stand off’s
D.   Other
2.04      Fabrication
A.   General: Fabricate wall panels to comply with requirements indicated for design, dimensions, detail, finish and sizes. All based upon required field verified dimensions.

2.05      Finishes
A.   Paint Grade, finishing to be performed under Section 09 91 23-Interior Painting: Insert name

Part 3 - Execution
3.01      Examination
A.   Verification of conditions: Examine areas and conditions under which work is to be performed and identify conditions detrimental to proper or timely completion.
B.   Verify that permanent project lighting is in place and operational prior to start of install.
C.   Coordinate with responsibly entity to correct unsatisfactory conditions.
D.   Commencement of work by installer is acceptance of conditions.
3.02      Preparation
A.   Surface preparation: Prior to installation, clean substrate to remove dirt, debris and loose particles.
B.   Protection: Take all necessary steps to prevent damage to material during installation as required in manufacturer's installation instructions. Store flat and in HVAC controlled area at all times.

3.03      Installation
A.   Install in accordance with the Manufacturer's recommendations and the required field verified dimensions.
B.   Paint finishing shall be performed under Section 09 91 23-Interior Painting. (If applicable)

3.04      Cleaning
A.   General: Immediately upon completion of installation, clean wall panels and accessories in accordance with manufacturer's recommended cleaning method.

3.05      Protection
A.   Protect installed materials to prevent damage during remainder of construction period.  Store flat and in HVAC controlled area at all times.

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